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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2022930年ロンドン海軍軍縮会議と山本五十六相澤 , 淳; Aizawa, Kiyoshi; 統率・戦史教育室
Mar-2021Application of Artificial Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding for Mitigation of Damages Caused by Heavy Snowfall板野, 稔久; 遠峰, 菊郎; Itano, Toshihisa; Tomine, Kikuro; 地球海洋学科
Sep-2017Basic Numerical Simulation of Large-Scale Plume Activity Due to the Circum-Pacific Lithosphere Subduction and Implications for the Elementary Process Associated with the Static-Layered Terrestrial MantleEGUCHI, Takao; ISHIDA, Mizuho; MATSUBARA, Kiyoshi; MURAKOSHI, Takumi; IWASE, Yasuyuki; EGUCHI, Takao; ISHIDA, Mizuho; MATSUBARA, Kiyoshi; MURAKOSHI, Takumi; IWASE, Yasuyuki; Earth and Ocean Sciences
Sep-2015Bootstrap Method for Detecting Damage in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Using a Macro Fiber Composite SensorDJANSENA, Alradix; 田中, 宏明; 工藤, 亮; DJANSENA, Alradix; TANAKA, Hiroaki; KUDO, Akira; Department of Aerospace Engineering
Mar-2020CBRNテロリズム論足達, 好正
Sep-2017Effectiveness of a Fast Switching Function of Continuous Video Signals on Unmanned Vehicle ControlsHADAMA, Hisaya; OGURA, Masaki; NAKAMURA, Ryohei; HADAMA, Hisaya; OGURA, Masaki; NAKAMURA, Ryohei; Communications Engineering
Mar-2018EU加盟後の中欧ヴィシェグラード協力 -「狭間のヨーロッパ」の課題-広瀬 , 佳一; Hirose, Yoshikazu; 国際関係学科
May-2019Gender, Diversity, and Military Leadership Development in Norway and Japan: A Preliminary Seminar on Socio-cultural Backgrounds and Current IssuesTorgersen, Glenn-Egil; Boe, Ole; Kawano, Hitoshi
Mar-2021India's 'Strategy' for its Larger and Smaller Hostile Neighbours,China and Pakistan伊藤, 融; Ito, Toru; 国際関係学科
Sep-2016Jacob H. Schiff and Japan:The Continued Friendship after the Russo-Japanese War村岡 , 美奈; Muraoka, Mina; 外国語教育室
Sep-2017MeSO-net を用いたバックプロジェクション法による関東地方の中規模地震の破壊過程の解析村越, 匠; 西澤, 航; 岩瀨, 康行; 江口, 孝雄; MURAKOSHI, Takumi; NISHIZAWA, Ko; IWASE, Yasuyuki; EGUCHI, Takao; 地球海洋学科
Mar-2020Military and Society in Israel and Japan: Family Support, Mental Health and Public Support,Ben-Ari, Eyal; Kawano, Hitoshi
Mar-2021NDA-FOI joint Seminar, Nuclear Threshold Lowered?Kurata, Hideya; Hellstrom, Jerker
Oct-2017NDA‐FOI Joint Seminar on the Future of East Asian SecurityTakeda, Yasuhiro; Rydqvist, John
Mar-2019NDA‐FOI Joint Seminar, North Korea's Security Threats ReexaminedKurata, Hideya; Hellstrom, Jerker
Sep-2017Olami-Feder-Christensen モデルによる浅発地震の再現へ向けて岩瀨, 康行; IWASE, Yasuyuki; 地球海洋学科
Mar-2022Preparation of Fine Porous Ammonium Perchlorate by Spray-drying Method Using New Spray-dryer and Evaluation of its Performance as a Propellant OxidizerTsuchiya, Norihiro; Kohga, Makoto; Tsuchiya, Norihiro; Kohga; Applied Chemistry
Mar-2019Prüfer 点列に基づいた全域木の汎用的列挙法片岡, 靖詞; KATAOKA, Seiji; 情報工学科
Sep-2014Study on Performance Improvement of a Double-acting Stiring Engine (Performance Evaluation of a New-type Matrix Geometric Pattern)松口, 淳; 香川, 澄; MATSUGUCHI, Atsushi; KAGAWA, Noboru; 機械システム工学科
Mar-2020The Implication for Connectivity Agendas for Our Economic Well-Being and Our Security:Fukushima, Teruhiko; Hall, Ian
Showing results 2 to 21 of 100
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